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What should I be doing as a Sophomore?


  • Keep working to attain excellent grades
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Take the PSAT in October as practice for the SAT (Must sign up in Student Services)
  • Take the PLAN in November as practice for the ACT (all 10th graders at Ledford High School will do this)
  • Continue with extracurricular activities or try to join an extracurricular activities, such as a club, athletic team, community services youth group, etc.
  • Investigate your options for participating in dual enrollment next year. This allows you to enroll in college courses
  • It’s not too early to start studying for the standardized tests like ACT and SAT. A great place to start is with the Test Prep section on the CFNC website
  • Download “SAT Question of the Day” from the iPhone App Store or
  • Sign up for ACT Prep
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