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Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Ledford Senior High School offers the following advance placement and honors courses. The Davidson County School System encourages all students to enroll in courses which are both challenging and relevant in terms of the student's career goals. It is from this perspective that enrollment in any weighted course of study will be an option available to all students.

North Carolina's Standard Course of Study determines curriculum in all schools and in all subjects.  The appropriate curriculum is used throughout the state in each grade level and in each subject area, thus offering a uniform curriculum for all of North Carolina's students.  It is upon that standard curriculum that all statewide testing is based.  Teachers use their professional skills, unique creativity, and varied resources to teach the myriad of concepts required in the Standard Course of Study.

The following list indicates courses that are taught at a higher degree of instruction and expectation.


AP English
AP Calculus
AP Biology
AP Physics
AP Statistics
AP US History
AP Government
Honors English I
Honors English II
Honors English III
Honors English IV
Honors Band 11 & 12
Honors Art 11 & 12
Honors Theater Arts 11 & 12
French III
French IV
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Latin I and II 
Adv. Math
Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics with Research
Honors US History
Honors Civics and Economics
Honors World History