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School Improvement Plan

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School Improvement Team


The Purpose of the School Improvement Team at LHS

        We are responsible for making recommendations about improvement within our school, and we are responsible for the School Improvement Plan.  This year we will identify three to five areas where we would like to see quantifiable growth and improvement.



  1. Administration 
  2. Interim SIT Chair: Brooke Oast
  3. Data Process Manager: Becky Dollinger  
  4. English Representative: Natalie Squires
  5. Math Representative: Jessica Zenzen
  6. Science Representative: Katie Proctor 
  7. History Representative: Misty Harris
  8. Fine Arts Representative: Carly Bestor 
  9. Foreign Language Representative: Brooke Oast  
  10. PE Representative: Jason Anderson
  11. CTE Representative: Mark Mitchell
  12. CTE Representative: Jessica Phelps
  13. CTE Representative: Cathy Berrier 
  14. EC Representative: Catlyn Moser
  15. Media Center Representative: Kendall Hartsook 
  16. Student Services Representative: Lara Cecil
  17. Support Staff Representative: Seth Arrington
  18. Teacher Assistant Representative: Kristy Queen
  19. BT Representative: Cecilia Gonzalez 
  20. MTSS Representative: Angel Perkins
  21. Credit Recovery Representative: Larry Musser 
  22. Parent Representative: TBD



What we Do:


The team is responsible for making recommendations about improvement within our school when problems are brought before the team. We are also responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing the school improvement plan. The process will change this year to a guided continuous improvement process involving the full staff.