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 Senior Year TimeLine



  • Narrow your choices to the top two or three colleges in which you are most interested. Apply online through the college web site,, or, which will simplify the process of applying to multiple schools.
  • It is very important to keep up with all deadlines this year.
  • Retake the ACT and/or SAT if needed. Register for the October or November SAT I or ACT, if planning to apply to a four-year college.  Students applying to community colleges are not required to take the SAT or ACT. Community colleges administer their own placement tests on their campus after the student submits an application.
  • Complete the Principal, Teacher, Counselor Recommendation form and return it to Student Services as soon as possible. This is a great help for teachers and counselors when you need a recommendation written. Give recommenders at least 2-3 weeks of notice on recommendations.
  • Some of the limited enrollment programs at the community colleges, especially health careers, have very early application deadlines. Check on any programs of interest.
  • Talk with your parents about your college plans and your family’s financial situation.
  • Begin working on your college essay, if required. Consult counselors and English teachers for proofreading your essay. Visit for helpful writing tips.
  • Go online to see what is needed for the NCAA Clearinghouse if planning to participate in Division I or II athletics. **Speak with Mr. Mercer before completing.
  • Attend DCCC Financial Aid Night Thursday, September 21st, 2017.



  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at if you are applying for financial aid. Do not use, or you will be charged to apply (this is a scam). FAFSA is now using Prior-Prior Year data. You will need your 2016 tax information. FAFSA cannot be submitted until after October 1st, try to submit it by mid-February, before funds are depleted. Check the deadline for your specific college. In order to complete the FAFSA, you and a parent will need to create an FSA ID at
  • You may receive free assistance in filing the FAFSA on FAFSA Day- Saturday, October 28th, 2017 from 9am-12pm. There are over 45 locations all over the state! Visit to register for FAFSA Day!
  • Schedule campus visits. There is a teacher workday October 30th, this is a great time to visit college campuses.
  • Attend one of three area College Nights in early October.
  • Check the LHS Scholarship Newsletters which are posted October-April on Soon, there will be an “archive” listing of previously posted scholarship lists. Also, the scholarship list will be posted outside of the Student Services office on the bulletin board with extra copies available in the Student Services office.
  • Early October is typically the time for early decision/early action.  Be sure that you understand the difference and which one is best for you.  Obtain financial aid and scholarship information from those colleges. Most regular deadlines will be November or January.
  • Determine if the schools to which you are applying require the PROFILE form for financial aid. Forms are available at The PROFILE forms are required for all applicants to:  UNC-Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Duke, Davidson College, Elon University, and Jagannathan Scholarship. The PROFILE is used to determine eligibility for non-federal aid, including institutional money.
  • Check to see if you need to take any SAT II tests. UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State and some private colleges require the Math Level II C. SAT II is not used in determining admission, but is used to determine placement after a student has been accepted.
  • It is a good idea to attach an activity resume to any application that does not provide space on the application. For each extracurricular activity, list three or four bulleted items showing what you’ve contributed and what you’ve gained from the experience.     

February through May

  •  If requested by colleges, send first semester grades. Remember, second semester grades are important.  Your college acceptance is conditional on a satisfactory final transcript.  Make a final decision on the college you plan to attend and send your acceptance.  Notify the remaining schools of your plans to attend elsewhere.
  • Don’t forget to continue checking the Ledford scholarship list. Many locally sponsored scholarships are offered during this period. Students are more likely to receive these scholarships since there is less competition. Sometimes only a few students apply!
  •  Write thank-you notes for scholarships received.
  •  On the senior survey, indicate where we should send your final transcript.

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