Back to School Information

September 14th (A Day) and 17th (B Day) Back to School Information 

  • All students must have a completed screening form upon arrival to school Monday or Thursday.  Bus riders will need to give the form to the bus monitor on Monday or Thursday.  If this is not done, students will not be allowed to ride Tuesday or Friday.  
  • Screening Forms were mailed home.  If you need an additional copy, please click HERE. (Click here for Spanish Version of Health Screening Form)
  • The building will not open to students until 8:00 am.  Students who drive will enter through the gym door in the bus lot, bus riders will enter through the commons area, and car riders will enter through the main entrance of the school.
  • ALL students are welcome to get breakfast and then report directly to 1st period.  Students who choose not to get breakfast will report directly to 1st period upon arrival to school.
  • Please remember that water fountains are closed.  Students are encouraged to bring a full water bottle to school each day.  If they need to re-fill their bottle, we have several water cooler refill stations throughout the building.  
  • Students must be wearing a mask to ride the bus or enter the school.  Masks are required to be worn all day at school and on the bus.  Students will receive 5 masks in their 1st period class on Monday and on Thursday. 
  • Students should not bring their school-issued devices with them to school at this time.  Teachers will be using A Days and B Days for face-to-face instruction and engagement.
  • Dismissal next week will be staggered as it was during orientation week.  The students who drive will be dismissed at 3:30, bus riders will be dismissed once all busses are on campus, and car riders will be dismissed by name as their ride arrives at school.  Please be patient with this process as it may take longer than it did during orientation week as we have more students on campus.  Please remember that all car riders MUST be picked up from the line in the front of the school.
  • Students who have opted to be A Day/B Day students who would like to get lunch for the 3 days they are remote, need to stop by student services and pick up a lunch form. 
  • 100% remote students who would like to pick up lunch during the week need to click on the 100% remote lunch information link on our website.
  • Students who have opted to be 100% remote must commit to this decision for the first 9 weeks of school.  Students who are A Day/B Day can decide to go 100% remote at any time.  However, we do ask that if this decision is made, the front office is notified.