Earth Science


Earth and Environmental Science


Instructor: Kelly Kiker 

Contact Information: 336-769-9671 ext. 3667



                                      1st period-Earth Science

                                      2nd period-Earth Science

                                      3rd period-Earth Science

                                      4th period-planning





colored pencils/markers

glue sticks

flash cards

pencil pouch for storage

A folder or binder may be useful for keeping up with loose papers. 

Classroom Policies

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be prepared.

Be on time.

Cell Phone PolicyStudents will be placing their phones in a secure, locked location during my class.  If a student chooses to not secure their phones and he/she has the phone out during class, he/she will be given 3 hours of after school detention.  In addition to detention, the phone will be taken to the office for the day. School phones are always available for parent contact, if necessary, during the school day. 

Weekly Emails: I will be sending home weekly emails to any email address you provide to me.  Emails will contain a list of major assignments that are due during the week.  I will also include a class “Wish List” on the emails.  Wish List items will generally be used for activities. Please consider donating items from the Wish List. Our current Wish List: tissues, disinfectant wipes

Notes: Students will be completing a series of guided notes.  Notes will be virtual until we are fully into Plan A.  The binder will be graded at the end of each grading period and be worth one test grade.

Some thoughts on honesty: It is expected that you complete your own assignments.  During virtual learning, you can lean on your friends for help but you should not copy their assignments. During test assignments, it is expected that you complete your own work without the help of your notes or the internet unless specifically stated otherwise. 

Discipline Plan

1st offense: verbal warning from teacher

2nd offense: verbal warning from teacher, parent contact

3rd offense: parent contact, time-out, after school detention

*I reserve the right to skip verbal warning based on the severity of the offensive action. Students who continue to disrespect teacher and peers will be sent to time-out without additional warning. Any continuing offenses will be referred to the Administration on a case by case basis.


*Tests/Binder/Projects                    60%

*Quizzes                                        30%                             

*Homework/Classwork                  10%

There will be no NC Final for this class this year. 


About Me

Central Davidson High School Graduate

Bachelor of Science Degree, Environmental Science and Environmental Science Education, Catawba College

Environmental Club Advisor

North Carolina State Beekeeper's Association Journeyman Beekeeper, Certified Honey Producer