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Ledford High School

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Emily Flanagan

LHS Theatre Proudly Presents;
You've never seen "The Crucible" quite like this before.  
Set against a futuristic backdrop, the town of Salem finds itself recovering from nuclear burnout, post-WWIII. Homes are simple hovels created from whatever materials were left, and the clothing has been manufactured from found objects and leftover rags from the "pre-war" era.  Society has reverted back to religious zealotry after the war, even as secret bloodletting and public backbiting take over the town.  When the good names of the upstanding community members who built this new Salem from the ground up (literally) get called into question, the community is thrown into chaos.  
Intrigued yet?  There's more!
The show is completely student designed.  The sets and costumes have been created using only recycled materials.  There will be epic rock music.  Every student on stage and behind the scenes has outdone themselves. You won't want to miss this!  
A few faces to watch out for:
Braxton White as John Proctor. 
Megan Gorman as Elizabeth Proctor.
Nancy Ward as Abigail Williams
Nia Bethel as Tituba.
Kayla Shaver as Mary Warren.
Grace DiMaio as Judge Danforth.
Christian Rodriguez as Reverend Parris.
Jesse Hill as Reverend Hale.  
And many more!!!
Come experience this twisted story December 7th-10th at the Ledford Middle School Auditorium.  Tickets are $10 at the door!  
Parental Discretion is advised, as there are some heavy themes throughout the show.  
Director of Theatre Arts
336.769-9671 ext 3622


I graduated with my BFA in Theatre Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and am licensed in K-12 Theatre Education. 
I have been doing theatre for 12 years as an actor and technician, and have enjoyed teaching high school theatre for the past 4 years.
Fall Schedule
1st - Proficient/Advanced Theatre
2nd - Intermediate Theatre
3rd - Beginning Theatre
4th - Plan
Best ways to contact me!
I check my email consistently throughout the day.  If you send me an email, you will hear from me within 24 hours.  
If you'd like to speak in person or over the phone, please make an appointment with me!  I am free between 1:30--3pm, and after 6pm.