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Meet the instructor

Thank you for visiting my web page!!!! 
Drafting is a multifaceted class that teaches you knowledge that can be applied.
If you are a parent please ask your scholar to log onto CANVAS and show you what they are doing.
Your scholar can also show you their current grades and get copies of any work missing and find the help items in case they need assistance.  If you need any additional information please feel free to call the school at (336) 769-9671.
The courses I teach are Drafting 1, Honors Engineering 2, Honors Engineering 3, Career management.

I hope you will thoroughly enjoy this class.  I Love teaching it and have been successfully doing so for 18 years.  Unlike a lot of teachers I have a lot more real world experience with what I am teaching. 

Prior to teaching work experience is over 8 years (40 hours a week x 50 weeks x 8 years = 16,000 hours experience).

I graduated from WCU with a bachelors of Industrial Engineering technology .

I worked as an architectural intern for 3 years Hayes, Seay , Mattern & Mattern (Links to an external siteLinks to an external site., J Hyatt Hammond (Links to an external site.)Links to an external sit, carpenter for 3 years, had my own construction company and general contractor license, construction observer for architectural firms for 2 years etc. before becoming a teacher.

I still currently do home Automotive Mechanics on the side.  

This is my Sixth year at Ledford Senior High School and I have been quite impressed with the level of comprehension and application among the student body.  I am looking forward to year full of challenges and fun!

One of my goals is to teach everyone so that they can construct designs of their own.  Not all courses you take will directly relate to the real world.

Class grading policies