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SAT & ACT Test Dates

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests

Registration Calendar




Test Dates

Aug 28

Oct 7*

Nov 4

Dec 2

May 10

May 5

June 2

Regular Registration Deadline

Jul 28

Sep 8

Oct 5

Nov 2

Feb 9

Apr 6

May 3

Late Registration Deadline (Paper)

Aug 8

Sep 19

Oct 17

Nov 14

Feb 20

Apr 17

May 15

* Sunday testing will be on October 15 due to a conflicting religious holiday


Students can register at

For SAT Subject Tests dates, please click here

The late registration deadlines above are for the paper registration.

Online and phone late deadlines are listed at

The ACT Test Dates

Registration Calendar




Test Dates

Sep 9

Oct 28

Dec 9

Feb 10*

Apr 14

June 9

Jul 14*

Registration Deadline

Aug 4

Sep 22

Nov 3

Jan 12

Mar 9

May 4

Jun 15

**Late Registration Deadline

Aug 5–18

Sep 23 -Oct 6

Nov 4-17

Jan 13-19

Mar 10-23

May 5-18

Jun 16-22

***Photo Upload

Sep 1

Oct 20

Dec 1

Feb 2

Apr 6

Jun 1

Jul 6


* No test centers are schedule in New York for the February and July test dates.

** All material sent by mail must be RECEIVED by the last date of the late period, regardless of the postmark date.

*** For more information about the “Photo Upload,” please click here.  

Do NOT Forget!!
*  When you sign up to take the SAT or the ACT, select four (4) schools you may want to attend to receive your scores automatically for free. If you forget to select your schools, you have up to one (1) week, after the test is taken, to select four (4) schools to receive your scores. If you do not select four (4) schools, and you would like to send your scores after the test has been taken, and the one week window is complete, it will cost $12.00 per school to send your scores.
*  If you are planning to attend a community college, it is not necessary to take the SAT or the ACT.  However, the community colleges do require a placement test which students should take in the spring.  Some colleges require that a student take one or more of the SAT II: Subject Tests.  In North Carolina, Duke, NCSU and UNC-CH have this requirement.

Go online to see if the college to which you are applying requires SAT II: Subject Tests.