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My name is Jason Queen. I am an English Teacher at Ledford High School. I have an English degree from Western Carolina University. After a career as a sports writer, I taught at West Davidson as an Exceptional Children Inclusion teacher in 2017-18. I am thrilled to be at Ledford High School, a community I have been a part of the past 14 years.
If you need to contact me for any reason, the best way to reach me is email at [email protected]. I have planning second period, which is 9:37-11:15.
First Semester
First Period: English III
Third Period: English III
Fourth Period: English I
Second Semester
First Period: English III
Third Period: English I Honors
Fourth Period: English III
In all of my classes, I expect respectful behavior and maximum effort. I understand all children enter the classroom at different ability levels, but all students should exert effort on all of our assignments. We all have different gifts and talents, and I will do my best to allow every students exhibit their individual talents.
Students will have ample notice before unit tests based on novels/plays we are reading in class. We will take a vocabulary test almost every week, and students will be expected to complete a daily warmup when we begin class.
Tests will count as 60 percent of our class grade, and all other assignments (quizzes / classwork / projects) will count 40 percent. The NC Final Exam will count as 20 percent of students' final grade.