Useful Links
To the left and below are helpful links that can answers questions about college, career, financial aid, scholarships, student-athlete requirements, and SAT or ACT registration. If you have any questions about these links or questions about the topics mentioned above please contact Student Services at (336) 769-1216.

    ACT Information and Registration
College Board
    SAT Information, PSAT Information, and AP Information
College Data
    Information and a profile on more than 2,000 colleges and universities
College Foundation of (CFNC)
    Information to assist in college and career planning: interests, matching assistant, college applications, and scholarship/financial aid information
Education Planner
    Career and College planning
(FAFSA) Pin Request
    Request a PIN from the federal government so that you may file the FAFSA online
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    FREE application that begins the federal aid process
    A tool that will estimate your elgibility for federal student aid
Government Benefits
    Information on different benefits provided by the federal government
My Majors
    College and career planning information
NC Community Colleges
    The North Carolina Community College System (58 community colleges)
NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement Transfer Course List
    The NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement is a statewide agreement governing the transfer of credits between NC community colleges and NC public universities. This link gives a list of the community college courses that transfer to NC public universities.
NC Department of Public Instruction
  Curriculum and testing information, graduation requirements
NC Health Careers
 Information about opportunites in the healthcare industry
NC Independent Colleges/Universities
  NC Indepentdent Colleges and Universitites (36 Private Institutions)
NCAA Clearinghouse
   Initial eligibility for NCAA Division I and II athletics
Scholarship Search
   Fastweb: a scholarship search engine
Student Aid
     Free information from the US Department of Education on preparing for and funding education beyond high school
UNC System
   The schools of the University of North Carolina System (17 Public Institutions)
UNC System College Portrait
   Information on the Public Universities in North Carolin