Patrick Midkiff

Hello My Name Is...

Patrick Midkiff

1st: Physical Science
2nd: Planning
3rd: Chemistry
4th: Chemistry

My name is Patrick Midkiff. I graduated from Greensboro College. I am a licensed teacher and I am certified to teach Physical Education and high school science classes. This is my second year at Ledford. I love it here and can't wait for another great school year!


Follow all guidelines from our syllabus. For the most part, respect for peers, teachers, and administrators is my number one rule. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated.

Grading:  100-90 A
                 80-89 B
                              70-79 C
                              60-69 D
                              Below 60 F

                         40%    Minor grades (quiz, classwork,                                homework)
               60% Major grades (tests, projects, labs)

*Please reach me by email if you have any questions/concerns or to schedule a meeting/conference time if needed

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