Kara Berrier

Kara M. Berrier


My name is Kara Berrier and I teach Biology, Honors Biology, and Honors Anatomy & Physiology in the Science Department.  I graduated from Ledford High School in 2000.  I then went to High Point University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine in 2004.  I began my teaching career at Ledford High School in the fall of 2004.  In 2011, I earned my Masters degree in Educational Leadership from High Point University.  I am currently the School Improvement Team Chairperson and the Ledford Middle School Volleyball coach.

Email:  KaraBerrier@davidson.k12.nc.us
Phone:  (336) 475-2324

1st Period:  Planning
2nd Period:  Honors Anatomy/Physiology
3rd Period:  Biology
4th Period:  Honors Anatomy/Physiology
My conference hours are from 8:00 to 9:40 daily and after school by appointment only.

*Grading Scale:
Major Grades                      60%
Minor Grades                       30%
Homework/Daily Grades         10%

*This grading scale has been defined by Davidson County Schools.  Major grades will mainly include tests.  Minor grades will include quizzes and labs.  I reserve the right to decide which assignments qualify under each category.  There must be at least 3 major grades and 10 minor grades each quarter.  

Classroom Expecations:

  1. Show respect for your teacher, yourself, your peers, and your school
  2. Be on time and come prepared with all materials
  3. Always do your BEST

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you.  Never excuse yourself.  -Henry Ward Beecher