Instrumental Arts
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Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Leadership Team

**We will meet this week to determine meetings before Summer Break**

Drum Majors
Katie Wooten
James Stone

Woodwind Captain
Madison Browne

Brass Captain
Maeghan Reynolds

Ashley Dalton
Abby Tesh
Madison Browne

Taylor Beck
Abigail McManus

Alto Sax
Andre Bautista

Low Reeds
Michaela Yates

Tyler Saintsing
Clay Wines

Eli Sands

Abigail Eastman

Maeghan Reynolds

Ticer Rorie

Brooke Lewis
Carleigh Todd

Front Ensemble
Brayden Price

Audree McClure

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Ledford Drumline:

TJ Clark

Adam Drye
Noah Gordon

Joseph Geiss
Tyler Hughes

1)Cooper Craven
2)Audree McClure
3)Gracie Snow
4)Kristin Foster
5)Ryan Atkinson

Congratulations to the following students that have been selected to the 2017 All-District Band. 

**These results are not official until Tuesday 1/24/17**

The All-District Clinic will take place Feb 17-19 in Boone, NC.  More information concerning the clinic will be discussed in class this week.

9-10 Symphonic Band

Ivy Ray - 2nd Chair Oboe*  ALL STATE ELIGIBLE
Abigail McManus - 17th Chair Clarinet
Max Davis - 6th Chair Trumpet

11-12 Symphonic Band
Sarah Hamby - 5th Chair Clarinet* ALL STATE ELIGIBLE
Noah Gordon - 7th Chair Horn
Maeghan Reynolds - 7th Chair Trombone
Ticer Rorie - 6th Chair Tuba

9-12 Concert Band

Josie DeLellis - 9th Chair Flute
Nicole Graves - 6th Chair Clarinet
Tucker Craven - 10th Chair Clarinet
Hannah Edwards - 1st Chair Horn
Dalton Craven - 1st Chair Mallets

Sheccid Ontiveros - 1st Alt.
Katie Wooten - 1st Alt.
Michaela Yates - 2nd Alt.

*Mr. Gibson will handle all schedule changes if necessary.  Please note these results will remain unofficial until all schedule changes are completed.  Some students might not be unable to take the correct ensemble class period based on their playing exam result.  Mr. Gibson/administration will make every effort to make the schedule work.

Wind Ensemble

Concert Band

Congratulations to the following students for being selected into the 2016 Davidson All-County Band!

Josie DeLellis - 9th Chair Flute
Haley Snyder - 11th Chair Flute
Ivy Ray - 1st Chair Oboe
Abigail McManus - 9th Chair Clarinet
Sheccid Ontiveros - 15th Chair Clarinet
Reese Ramsay - 19th Chair Clarinet
Ryan Atkinson - 1st Chair Bass Clarinet

Max Davis - 1st Chair Trumpet
Gracie Tickle - 10th Chair Trumpet
Tyler Saintsing - 11th Chair Trumpet
James Stone - 5th Chair Trombone
Bradley Childress - 5th Chair Tuba
Alex Nelson - 6th Chair Tuba

Adam Drye - 1st Chair Snare

Jakob Cisco - 2nd Alt
Madeline Carter - 1st Alt
Bradley Childress - 2nd Alt (Euph)
Joey Geiss - 1st Alt

Caroline Craven - 1st Chair Flute
Madison Browne - 2nd Chair Flute
Kaitlynn Krauch - 7th Chair Flute
Sarah Hamby - 3rd Chair Clarinet
Nicole Graves - 12th Chair Clarinet
Taylor Beck - 18th Chair Clarinet
Tucker Craven - 2nd Chair Alto Sax

Hannah Edwards - 3rd Chair Horn
Noah Gordon - 4th Chair Horn
Maeghan Reynolds - 5th Chair Trombone
Abigail Eastman - 6th Chair Euphonium
Ticer Rorie - 2nd Chair Tuba

Dalton Craven - 1st Chair Mallets

Krystal Hutchens - 2nd Alt
Brendy Flores - 1st Alt
Katie Wooten - 1st Alt
Audree McClure - 1st Alt

All-County Clinic is November 14 and 15th at Thomasville HS and Finch Auditorium.  More information will be given in class soon. 

Shades of Blue Recordings

Shades of Blue Part 1 Click.mp3

Shades of Blue Part 2 Click.mp3

Shades of Blue Part 3 Click.mp3
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