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Mr. Mitchell



I hope you will thoroughly enjoy this class. I have been teaching since 2003 and love it! I have a lot more real world experience with what I am teaching. My past work experience for over 8 years is about 16,000 hours. (40 hours a week x 50 weeks x 8 years = 16,000 hours experience)

I graduated from WCU with a Bachelors of Industrial Engineering Technology (Links to an external site.).

My work experience includes:
-architectural intern, 3 years (Hayes, Seay , Mattern & Mattern (Links to an external site. & J Hyatt Hammond (Links to an external site.), J  )
-carpenter, 3 years (Viewpoint Studios)
-owned construction company and general contractor's license
-construction observer for architectural firms for 2 years

I currently do home renovation jobs on the side and welding.  I currently am also an entrepreneurial artist who welds together art made out of bicycle parts (Links to an external site.).  

Since leaving Western Guilford High School and becoming a Ledford Panther, I have been quite impressed with the level of comprehension and application among the student body.  I am looking forward to year full of challenges and fun!

Mr. Mark Mitchell

PARENTS:  If you want to check out the class please ask your student to log into our CANVAS classroom. Your student can show you the work we have done and their current grades.

Class Schedule

First Semester Second Semester 
 Period 1 Drafting 1 Period 1  Planning
Period 2 Honors Architecture 2 Period 2 Drafting 1
 Period 3 Planning Period 3 Honors Drafting 3
Period 4 Drafting 1 Period 4 Drafting 2